About Bunny

Bunny Bumshaker has been my nick name and alter ego for over a decade. It was also my pen name for stories and blogs I wrote for LGBTQ+ publications, not because I wanted to hide my identity, but because I wanted Bunny to have their own distinct personality, free from the trappings and baggage of my own brand and personality. This allowed Bunny to be sassier and sexier than I.

I see Bunny Bumshaker as the love child of a rainbow and a ray of sunshine. Bunny loves to read, watch movies and TV shows, but most of all… Bunny loves to blog! Bunny will blog about gender and sexuality, freedom and equality, love and longing… Bunny will write about books, movies and TV shows, both, old and new. Sometimes Bunny will also upload video blogs. There will be new content every week, plus Bunny will host twitter chats from time to time. You can follow Bunny at @bunnybumshaker